Glassadazical, LLC is a small group of glass artists who work in collaboration to create custom glass jewelry.


Welcome to Glassadazical. Our company consists of David Teeters and Hanson Brown of Knoxville, TN. Glassidazical creates one-of-a-kind glass jewelry and home accents. What began as a hobby has turned into much more. Our glasswork is our own personal form of expression. Not only is every single piece of glass different from the next, but every piece of glass tells its own story. Our influences when creating our glass products are music and the natural world around us. Like I said before, every piece tells its own story. Please look through our glass catalog page to view some examples of our work. Custom requests are always welcome and encouraged from our customers. Help us grow as artists by challenging us to make things we never would have thought about attempting!

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Glassadazical appears at many different music and art festivals throughout the year. Click on the links below to see where we are going next!